ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals For Not Giving Abortions

ACLU’s formal complaint against Trinity Health Corporation, one of the largest Catholic health care groups in the United States, is that it is putting women at risk, continually.

The formal complaint is based on the health system’s “repeated and systematic failure to provide women suffering pregnancy complications with appropriate emergency abortions as required by federal law,” according to an ACLU press release.

One must beg the question, just how many supposed women come in suffering pregnancy complications that NEED an abortion?

“The ACLU wants no religious belief whatsoever to get in the way of their objectives, their goals, their ideology,” Father Jonathan said. “Would the ACLU be happy if every Catholic hospital had to do full-term abortions? You better believe it. No doubt.”

This has nothing to do with some woman who entered a Catholic hospital needing emergency pregnancy care, but rather the ACLU’s attempt to create a religious free America that reflects is godless philosophy.

Father Jonathan said:

The fundamental issue is that the ACLU doesn’t believe that the baby inside the mother is also a patient.

This is a case of incremental pursuit of ACLU’s objectives, according to Father Jonathan.

Source: Fox News Insider




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