Accused Muslim Rapist maintains Innocence due to ‘Cultural Differences’

In the twisted mind of Fathi Dridi, an illegal immigrant from Tunisian, who entered Britain claiming to be from Palestine, the woman he raped was at fault because of “cultural differences”.

Prosecutor Charles Thomas said Dridi had initially been charged with rape over the second woman but following his conviction for the other matters he admitted sexual assault.

Fathi Dridi, who lied to claim asylum in Britain, refused to take responsibility — forcing his victims through the ordeal of two court trials.

But the 32-year-old was found guilty of four rapes, one attempt and a sexual assault. His lawyer Rob Ross claimed in his defence that “cultural differences” were at play.

It has been seven years been of waiting for justice for the first victim, with the case being fought since 2009.
“For the first victim, it’s been seven years in the waiting to see her attacker jailed. She has been extremely patient and helpful in my investigation during what has been a very a difficult time.

“This is a very welcome result, bringing this man to justice. I would like to thank the two victims for having the courage to come forward in the first place.

The rape culture begins in the barbaric culture of the Middle East, where women are property and are to be used as seen fit.

Truth and Action stated, in previous articles surrounding the rape culture in Germany and migrants camps that it is an epidemic and one tied to a culture that morally accepts rape as permissible.

“If the West is to win the war against these barbaric men and practices, then it must call out the religion these rapists hide behind that condones this behavior and one must put the onus on the perpetrator and not the victim, as the Mayor of Cologne has done, telling the women to not walk in the public streets so they avoid getting raped.

Although mass molestations by migrants are clearly connected to the fact that Islam treats women as second class citizens, authorities in Europe are still almost completely ignorant to the problem. Vienna’s chief of police echoed comments made by Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker when he advised Austrian women not to go out at night alone.

Even the authorities in European cities create an environment that condones this idea of “cultural difference” by telling the women to stay inside, instead of procescuting the perpetrators of the crimes.  The immigrant is protected and the citizen looses freedom.

Source: The Sun




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