Academy Sports Reportedly Setting Up Database of Customers Who Buy Ammo, Pulling Rifles from Shelves

The new Academy policy, besides being completely unnecessary, is noteworthy for cravenly it attempts to appease liberal distaste for firearms even at the risk of losing profit by making it more difficult for customers to access rifles and rifle-resembling items. Indeed, the only people who stand to benefit from this pointless policy are the gun grabbers:

“The policies will only help the Obama administration further demonize semi-automatic rifles in an effort to ban them outright, even though the FBI revealed that in 2014, less than 250 murders out of 12,000 (under 2%) were committed using rifles of any type, including so-called ‘assault rifles.'
In fact, nearly five times as many murders are committed with knives than semi-automatic rifles.
Additionally, AR-15s are used far less often in murders than shotguns, a fact which contradicts Vice President Joe Biden who once implied otherwise.
Academy’s new database is particularly disturbing given how federal agencies routinely pressure companies to provide personal data on customers – even if they’re not under investigation.”

Source: Infowars




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