99.7 Percent of All Americans Have Highly Toxic Chemical Permanently in Their Bodies Thanks To DuPont Poisoning


DuPont Knowingly Poisons Country

The chemical company has known for over 50 years that C8 was having negative effects on workers, people living in surrounding communities, and even in people using their products.

C8 is extremely stable and does not break down for a very long time. It is now known to cause birth defects, several types of cancer, thyroid problems, and a host of other medical problems.

DuPont put tens of thousands of pounds of the chemical in the air and water for many years, in spite of the growing research that showed the harm it was causing. Now it has been discovered that almost 100% of the population in the U.S. has C8 in their bloodstream and tissues. That is because it was almost universally used in a variety of products. One product that incorporated C8 in its manufacture was Teflon, which made the cookware it was used on “slippery” so food wouldn’t stick. Goretex was another product that used C8.

DuPont knowingly continued to use C8 in many applications, even after they knew it was dangerous, even in small amounts. They continued to dump the chemical into water sources and in the air. Now a number of lawsuits are coming to the fore, and the real question is if DuPont will pay a real price for its criminal conduct. It often seems that big business or important people are not held accountable for the harm they cause, and the question here is why the state attorneys general are not going after this very obvious criminal activity.  You or your family may have actually suffered harm from C8 and never known the cause. And the long term impact is still unknown since cancers may show up later in life, and you have certainly been exposed to this dangerous substance.

Watch the videos below to learn more. If you were assaulted on the street, you would want justice, even if your injuries were minor. In the case of C8, the damage could actually be life threatening.

Source: edition.cnn.com

Source: theintercept.com



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