80-Year-Old Hotel Owner Forced Out to House African Migrants

European countries have accepted far more migrants than they can house. Now, the public is being forced to pay for their governments’ mistakes. In Italy, one hotel owner found out that the property that he thought was rightfully his was being taken over for use by African migrants. The ordeal was caught on video.

Shock video footage out of Italy shows an 80-year-old hotel owner being forced by police to house numerous African migrants as he desperately tries to resist government confiscation of his property.

The old man seen in the video is Luigi Fogli. He runs Hotel Lory in Ficarolo, in the province of Rovigo.

Fogli briefly looked into providing asylum accommodation services for migrants arriving from North Africa but dropped the issue when he discovered he would only be paid 7 euros per night for each “refugee”.

“At that point, the local prefecture simply confiscated his hotel and forced the invaders upon him,” reports Diversity Macht Frei.

The video shows Fogli attempting to barricade the doors to his hotel while telling police, “This is not yours! No, they won’t come inside.”

Watch the video below:

Source: Info Wars



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