70 Quakes Across Central California in Past Few Days

70 Quakes Across Central California in Past Few Days

To Californians it might sound like another case of the boy who cried wolf, but a recent string of earthquakes has prompted many to wonder if the big one is really coming this time around.

Central California has been struck by a number of quakes in the past few days, with as many as 70 being reported to have occurred during this time span. One of the cities most affected by the tremors, Hollister, is already regarded by many as a hotspot for seismic activity, but the range and frequency of the quakes have caused concern that the state may finally be hit by a massive one in the near future.

Although such a scenario is still hypothetical at this point, the destruction estimated to result from it would devastate the state, with alarmists claiming that it could even detach California from the continental US. Regardless of the extreme nature of such claims, a major earthquake could easily inflict its share of ruin without separating the Sunshine State from the US.

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