7 Ways Obama Created the Most Unstable Middle East to Date

7 Ways Obama Created the Most Unstable Middle East to Date

Many have said that the Iraq War was the core reason why the Middle East is in such a mess that it’s in today.  While some of the follow-up actions and military operations there after the war had ended are responsible for some of the more sticky situations between Sunnis and Shias, there’s not really a concrete argument that the actions that proceeded after the war led to the current instability in the area.

One of the main issues is that Leftists have been trying to shift the blame from the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton State Department after a sophomoric and dysfunctional stab at intrigue and espionage, as well as nation toppling.  It was proven that both Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton were in way over their heads, with a neophyte outlook on the world that not only endangered our troops abroad, but brought the danger to our very doorstep.

With the advancements of the Iranian technologies toward centrifuge construction and the sudden burst it has in supplying millions in funding even more terrorism abroad, including activities north of Raqqa in Syria, there is no question that the Obama administration and his decisions personally, coupled with a truly abysmal record of diplomatic negotiations on the part of John Kerry, were part and parcel responsible for the rise of ISIS and the slow deterioration of the Middle East power structure.

On the following page, you’ll find the Top Seven Ways That Obama Destroyed the Middle East!

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