66 Shot, 6 Killed In Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend

66 Shot, 6 Killed In Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody who knows about how ineffective gun laws are, Chicago was witness to a shocking crime spree this past Memorial Day weekend.

While the days leading up to Memorial Day should serve as a time for Americans to peacefully gather with their loved ones and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their freedoms, they were marked by fear and violence in the Illinois metropolis. According to authorities, a staggering 66 people were shot in total over the weekend, although only six of the victims were killed.

Several of the victims were young, with one of those unfortunate enough to actually die during the onslaught was a 15-year-old girl who made the mistake of riding with a confirmed gang member. While the man, who was seven years older than her, survived the attack, his passenger wasn't so lucky and died after being driven to the hospital.

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