5 Different Ways to Start a Fire Using Water

In an emergency, the ability to create fire can mean the difference between survival and suffering. Not only does fire offer warmth and comfort, but plenty of other benefits, like the ability to cook food, boil water, etc. But even when everything's going right, there are times when we may need to make a fire, but have no access to the usual tools and conveniences. How do you make a fire when there are no matches, lighters or the other usual methods available?

It turns out, that you can use water to help! Fire and water are not mortal enemies after all. Grant Thompson, YouTube's ‘King of Random' put together a video to demonstrate 5 ways to start a fire using water.

Of course, it's impossible to predict what kind of situation you may encounter when it would be handy to build a fire with limited resources and it's also impossible to predict what things you might have handy at the time, but this short how-to clip should plant an important ‘survival seed' to help you find creative and effective solutions! Check out Grant's video after the break:

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