47 Suspicious Deaths In The Clinton Inner Circle

47 Suspicious Deaths In The Clinton Inner Circle

47 suspicious deaths surrounding the Clinton administration?!

Should more questions not be asked about this?

Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort bubble and ask questions my friends!

Bodies to the left of them; bodies to the right of them, a total of forty-seven by last count.


Nobody is making any accusations, but bad luck sure does seem to follow Clinton associates. Especially vulnerable are those with any inside information regarding Clinton legal, potentially illegal or shady political or financial dealings.

They are the most unfortunate bunch. From Arkansas to DC to New York, to across the nation, the influence of the Clintons is undeniable. And it is possibly about to become even greater with the potential of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Here’s a brief summary of ten of those ill-fated individuals who came to suspicious or untimely demise…


Source: freepatriot.org
Photo: freepatrio.org


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