46 Chilling Population Control Quotes From Global Elite

Population control  and outright human de-population form a shockingly prominent core of the agenda of the world's most despotic-minded leaders and the leftist sycophants that support them.

Whether it's global warming propaganda or Obamacare death panels, assigning blame for worldwide economic woes, the notion of ‘humans as a plague'  is a depressingly common one for these folks.

Some insist that depopulation or, at least population control is a kindness, while others don't bother much with the beneficent veneer; it's much easier to control a small group of people than a large one. These elitist thinkers do their best to convince everyone else that we must ‘kill off the humans' at all costs in order to ‘save humanity'.

Of course, these elites seldom volunteer to be first in line to ‘limit the spread of humanity' that they tout as their goal.

After the break, we'll look at chilling quotes by dozens of prominent leaders who rationalize population control, or even de-population. Then we'll see Two Videos that show the threat of overpopulation is a myth! CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE:

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