4500 Cross Border From Ebola-Stricken Countries Monthly – Ebola Czar Won’t Start For 5-6 Months

“The number of travelers is relatively small,” Frieden states. “We're talking about 150 per day. 95% of all the 150 travelers per day who arrive from these three countries” will be checked for their temperature and given questionnaires, he added.

As of this writing, there hasn't been a new case of Ebola in the US. That's good news, however, symptoms can take up to 42 days (not 21 like the CDC tells us) to emerge. With 150 potential new cases crossing the border we can effectively say this crisis is far from over.

Now, we have Obama's new Ebola Czar not even taking office for another 5-6 months, which is just as well. He isn't even qualified for his post as he has no experience whatsoever for the job. He's just there to redirect funds to his cronies.




Ebola symptoms can take weeks to emerge

This is the same Frieden, of course, who expressed his “confidence” several months ago that Ebola would never come to the U.S. in the first place. Now that it has, he insists that the public remain calm and trust his infinite wisdom on the matter, which is ever-evolving as each previous claim proves to be false.

In truth, Ebola symptoms can take weeks to emerge — up to 21 days — as the virus incubates in its host. Even after minor symptoms develop, it can take two or three days for Ebola to show up on tests, another fact being ignored by the CDC. But don't worry, America, Frieden and the rest of the gang has your back!

“Any screening… that relies on truthful responses to work is destined to fail. Especially when telling the truth means quarantine for you and your family in a horrible place full of dying people where you are assured of contracting the disease if you don't already have it,” wrote one CNS News commenter about the dilemma.

“Even if half of the people tell the truth that means 70 people a day are coming in to the country with the potential to infect others. … There is no containment, there is no cure, there is only a big… problem looming on the horizon.”

Source: naturalnews.com
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