43 Republicans Vote for Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Bill

As evidenced by the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election — as well as socialist Senator Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side — voters are sick and tired of the compromises and backroom deals by the ruling political elites in both major parties.  Americans saw another prime example of this last week when 43 Republicans disregarded the wishes of their constituents and supported Obama's transgender agenda.

Many are asking what Republicans plan to do to stop Obama’s executive war on culture and religious liberty in pursuit of cultural Marxism. Now we know that not only will this party do nothing to stop Obama, they will use their control of Congress to codify Obama’s agenda into law.

Late Wednesday night, Republicans allowed a vote on an amendment from Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY), which codified Obama’s executive order 13672 making transgenderism the law of the land. Obama’s executive order, promulgated in July 2014, instructed bureaucrats to sever contracts with companies that don’t follow the Obama mandated sexual identity agenda. This could include companies that don’t allow men into female bathrooms in their private corporate offices. The Maloney amendment to the $37.4 billion FY 2017 Energy &Water Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5055) codified that unilateral act into law.

The amendment passed 223-195 with 43 Republicans supporting it. The GOP House just supported arguably the most radical Democrat agenda item in the dead of night.

Enshrining Obama’s specific edict into law and then passing vanity language reaffirming the general importance of religious liberty is like doing CPR on a dead body.

GOP leaders are always twisting arms to get conservative members to vote for bad bills. Somehow we are to believe they were impotent in ensuring “moderate” members (what is moderate about transgenderism?) adhere to the party’s platform?

The reality is that Paul Ryan has long been a supporter of ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act), the legislative vehicle for enshrining transgenderism into law and mandating adherence to its dogma on private businesses. That is why he’s been absent in this fight. Moreover, Republicans have failed to allow a single anti-religious bigotry bill to the floor since the illegal gay marriage decision was issued by the Supreme Court, despite the ubiquitous threats against private businesses, states, and private property.

Here is the list of Republicans who voted to assist Obama in his fundamental transformation of America:

Amash (MI)

Brooks (IN)
Coffman (CO)
Costello (PA)
Curbelo (FL)
Davis, Rodney (IL)
Denham (CA)
Dent (PA)
Diaz-Balara (FL)
Dold (IL)

Donovan (NY)
Emmer (MN)
Fitzpatrick (PA)

Frelinghuysen (NJ)
Gibson (NY)
Heck (NV)
Hurd (TX)
Issa (CA)

Jolly (FL)

Katko (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)

Lance( NJ)
LoBiondo (NJ)

MacArthur (NJ)

McSally (AZ)
Meehan (PA)
Messer (IN)
Paulsen (MN)
Poliquin (ME)
Reed (NY)
Reichert (WA)
Renacci (OH)
Rooney (FL)
Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
Shims (IL)
Stefanik (NY)
Upton (MI)
Valadao (CA)
Walden (OR)
Walters, Mimi (CA)

Young (IA)
Young (IN)
Zelda (NY)

Clearly, stopping President Obama's far-left transformation of the United States is not a top priority for these Republican lawmakers.  Time will tell if the move is enough to oust the lawmakers who many believe to be RINOs — Republicans In Name Only.

Source: 100percentfedup.com



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