4-Star Admiral: Iran Prepping EMP Attack On America, Obama and Kerry Are Handing Them The Weapon


The Daily Ledger interview with Admiral Lyons continued:

Lyons clearly stated, “Let me tell you. This deal is a total sellout, but of course, for Secretary Kerry he has no problem with this since this is the second time he’s sold out his country. This deal goes beyond the pale. Every objective we set out to accomplish we conceded to Iran. In fact we went beyond that. We put in things which I could not even imagine, where we’re going to show them how to protect their facilities, develop their nuclear program and prevent it from being sabotaged.”

Source: universalfreepress.com

“This is mindboggling,” says the Admiral. “It goes beyond everything we stand for. In fact, we did absolutely nothing to curtail their intercontinental ballistic missile program or their achievement and attainment of the most modern conventional weapons, which jeopardizes our position in the Persian Gulf.”

Admiral Lyons claims that Obama has started a nuclear arms race in the most unstable region of the world. He also notes with great concern the fact that Iran has been practicing for a potential EMP attack against the United States. He notes that such a weapon could be launched from a ship at sea or from their operational missile base inside of Venezuela.

Admiral Lyons notes that the Iranian deal goes back to before Obama was president in 2008. He opened a secret line of communication to the regime in Tehran. That channel was in the person of former American Ambassador to Ukraine, William G. Miller, who speaks fluent Farsi and had seen previous duty in the past at our Embassy in Tehran.

Lyons says, “To me this borders on treason and is certainly a violation of the Logan Act.”



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