4 Star Admiral ‘Ace’ Lyons (Ret.) Warns of Imminent Take Down Of America By The Obama Administration


The admiral goes on to describe the many times he “had the planes loaded” to wipe them (the Iranians) out, but each time, regardless of whether there was a Republican or Democrat in the White House, they all failed.

Lyons declares that, “They failed because we were sabotaged from within.”

So, how long have we been infiltrated exactly?

He includes the current Iran agreement in that number, saying, “This agreement is another example of sabotage from within. It is a total sellout. Of course, that doesn’t bother the likes of Secretary Kerry because this is the second time he’s sold out his country.”

As for Obama, Lyons describes the deal as his “Neville Chamberlain, peace within our time moment; ridiculous.” He adds, “We don’t have an agreement. What we have are terms of surrender. We guarantee Iran will have a nuclear weapon capability and just as important, we guarantee that they will have the most modern conventional weapons, which could jeopardize our position in the Persian Gulf.”
Lyons reveals how as a Senator, Hussein Obama implored the Iranian regime not to make a deal with the Bush regime, to wait until he was president and they would get something much more to their liking, declaring himself to be their friend. He also speaks to the role Iran played in the attacks of 9/11.

Admiral Lyons identifies the most egregious of all of the concessions contained within the fatally flawed Iran deal, saying, “This traitorous group traded our national honor; yes this group conceded America’s honor. It cannot be allowed to stand. They humiliated this great nation before our friends, our allies, and most importantly our enemies.”
He closes saying, “This surrender document must be thoroughly rejected by Congress. And then Congress must exercise its authority to start impeaching executive officials, starting with Secretary Kerry and following ‘president’ Obama for his illegal and unconstitutional acts.”

He adds, “There’s only one sure way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon capability and that’s with a military strike. And you can take that to the bank.”

Source: universalfreepress.com



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