4 SHOCKING Red Flags Surrounding Florida Shooting Emerge

It’s an open secret that conglomerates are working in tandem with the nefarious powers that be pulling the strings behind the stages of our domestic and foreign policies.

None of this censorship is more apparent than when it comes to how the Fake News Industrial Complex and social media is handling coverage of the Parkland School shooting.

Part of having a free press and democracy is allowing folks of all opinions to share their viewpoints, be it right or wrong. But, some social media networks seem terrified of people accessing information, video footage, depicting a different reality than what the Fake News Industrial Complex is saying.

Just sharing a viewpoint suggesting that people take a look at videos that dispute the official story surrounding the Parkland School shooting is enough to get users banned.

Head on over to the next page to learn the 4 major red flags going against what the media has been telling us about the shooting.




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