Muslim Gang Charged With Raping School Girl For Months, Dubbed Her ‘Little White Slag’

A schoolgirl, who sadly was recruited to deal drugs, became a victim of rape, again and again at the hands of men ranging from 17 to 62. She told the police that they would leave her weeping on the ground, calling her “little white slag” and a “white bastard”, after raping her again and again.

She told the police that the ringleader Ahmed Choudhury knew how old she was, because of her school uniform.

After the alleged rape Choudhury laughed as she cried. She told police she felt “Like crap. Like shit because I’m there thinking I’m doing him a favour when really all he’s done is used me and abused me.”

She also said she was a virgin at the time of attack.

Choudhury then allegedly introduced her to the defendants, who abused her at a variety of locations around the town.

These men are evil.  These men are part of a religion that is terrorizing the world, from Paris to other European nations that have allowed thousand upon thousands migrants enter their borders, bringing with them their barbaric culture and belief system.  May justice be meted out for this poor English girl.

Source: Breitbart

Photo: DailyMail



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