Michigan Man Gets $128 Fine for Warming Up His Car in His Own Driveway

If you warm up your car in Michigan, you might be a criminal without knowing it. That’s what one Roseville, MI man learned when he got a $128 ticket during his morning routine.

Did you know you could get fined for heating up your car? One man’s parking ticket has gone viral, with thousands of views after he was ticketed for heating up his car in his own driveway.

Taylor Trupiano says he’s still shaking his head over a parking ticket he got on his own property.

“I thought it was some kind of joke at first, and then I was thrown back by it,” he said. “I was really surprised.”

The ticket was for leaving the keys in the ignition with the motor running and no one around. Trupiano said he was only doing something many people in Michigan do during the winter.

“I was in and out in probably about 7-8 minutes,” he added. “So in that amount of time he ran up here, gave me a ticket and by the time I got out he was nowhere to be seen.”

The local ordinance was explained as an attempt by the city to prevent car theft. In effect, it’s meant to “help” people like Trupiano. But Trumpiano’s car was never stolen, yet he still has to pay the $128 fine. It’s just one of the crazy ways overly powerful governments think that they can do good.

Source: WXYZ



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