Hodges: The 8 Simultaneous Attacks That Will Kill America in a Single Night

The vacuum created in the last seven years by the Obama regime has emboldened anti-American forces and, according to Dave Hodges, investigavite journalist of The Common Sense Show, a planned invasion of the United States is imminent.

Crazy?  Was the 1938 invasion of all western Europe crazy talk in 1936?

Except for a few experts watching and forecasting Hitler's actions, the regular citizens would have called Hitler marching on Europe as “preposterous”.

And when these events start, it will be quick, decisive  and simply unbelievable to Americans watching it unfold.

Before we get started, let's pause to remember Obama's current focus for his legacy: gun control.  Obama has stated “gun control is my focus for the next year”.

The contingent plan is discussed in eight parts, yet these parts will take place simultaneously.  Surprise is the valued element in any well done military invasion.  Experts agree the only viable defense to the following will be a well armed homeland fighters, with our veterans taking the lead.  Our military is scattered throughout the globe.

Obama in power is the perfect timing for such an  invasion.  Our America-hating President may well be opening the door knowingly to invaders. After all, he has completely opened the borders to anyone who wants walk across, which is tantamount to inviting the enemy in.

Obama's actions confirm he is not concerned with homeland security – just the opposite – he is part and parcel to this nation's destruction.

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