Over 25 Whales Turn Up Dead In Alaska and British Columbia Over One Month


Entanglement with fishing gear is the biggest culprit in whale deaths. A few of the whales have signs of entanglement, but the bulk of the deaths don't have an immediate explanation.


More dead whales in southeast Alaska

In addition to the humpback whale deaths in British Columbia, approximately 21 fin whales and humpback whales have been found in southeast Alaska in the past two months. No one is sure what is causing the sudden rise in whale deaths, and entanglement isn’t likely the culprit behind them all.(2)

One possibility for the sudden rise in whale deaths is the radiation from the Fukushima power plant that is currently bombarding the coast. In 2011, a tsunami laid waste to three nuclear reactors on the coast of Japan at the Fukushia Daiichi power plant. Since then, hundreds of tons of radioactive material have been flooding into the ocean each day, contaminating marine life.

Mainstream media downplays Fukushima disaster

It has taken almost four years for the radioactive waste from the Fukushima power plant to make its way to the West Coast. The mainstream media has underplayed the severity of the disaster, claiming that the sea has diluted the radiation. Meanwhile, the rise in whale deaths just so happens to coincide with radiation from the Fukushima power plant bleeding onto the coast.

“It is exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback whale, especially in this relatively intact state,” said Spirit Bear Adventures wildlife guide Philip Charles. “It was a sad sight to see such a magnificent animal washed up on the shoreline like that. Your attention is taken to the very large wounds on the back of the whale,” he said after laying witness to the dead whale Tuesday morning.(3)

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has no idea what caused the whale deaths. Until test results are confirmed, claims that the whales died from entanglement are conjecture. Meanwhile, none of the mainstream media articles even hint that the Fukushima power plant may bear some responsibility.



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