24 Pro-Trump Candidates Running for Congress in 2018

The Democrat Party is in shambles, but judging from last night’s contest in both Virginia and New Jersey, they’re not out of the running.  The Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) is already pronouncing the end of the Trump era in their headlines, stating that the two governorships in these states being won by Democrats was tantamount to a rout in the 2018 midterms.  This the same FNIC that said that Hillary had a 96% chance of entering the White House less than two weeks before the election.

While the FNIC is out there doing their best to drum up a feeding frenzy amongst their voter base and the Left is announcing that this all-important win in Virginia was the victory they’ve been waiting for, they have neglected a few key points.  One, Ed Gillespie was a Bush man and, if my memory serves me correctly, in Alabama, another Bush man lost to Roy Moore.  So, touting this as a blow specifically dealt to the raw election power of Donald Trump is like saying that strawberry milk comes from pink cows.  This is a blow to the Establishmentiariat and the Swamp RINOs in the GOP and even the apparent desperate 11th hour hopping on board the Trump Train wasn’t enough to save Gillespie.

Also, the FNIC is ignoring the fact that Virginia is a far-Left haven of lunatics and liberals and a victory by a far-Left candidate isn’t a victory…it’s a given.  That’s the equivalent of Hillary winning New York City.  Well, no duh!  Yet, when Trump won Michigan and Iowa, two dyed-in-the-wool Leftist utopias…yet you didn’t hear even a tiny whimper about those implications.

The DC Clothesline has put together a list of 24 Pro-Trump Candidates for the 2018 midterms and hopes that this list will continue to grow.

Turn to the following page to have a look at these candidates from all over the fruited plain!

Listings are by state:



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