2017 Christian Persecution Stats Revealed

Christians are no longer safe or prospering, even in the West. Nearly 1 in 12 Christians around the world live in an area with life-threatening persecution against members of their faith, according to the yearly report released by the top religious advocacy group, Open Doors USA.

The World Watch List released by Open Doors revealed some very stunning stats.

But you’ll never hear the corrupt Godless mainstream media report on these horrifying facts. Only the “rights” of Muslim refugees are of pertinent concern to the devious powers that be looking to sow havoc in the world. Even more disturbing was the religious persuasion found by researchers to be closely involved as a factor in predicting Christian persecution.

The Prophet Mohammed may have claimed his 6-year-old child bride loved the freedoms offered to her as the wife of the Prophet. Yet many Christian women living in areas highly dominated by people who follow this prior stated prophet’s religion, can’t say the same. But, where are the feminists?

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