How 200,000 Migrants Coming into the U.S. Will Multiply into 2,000,000 Almost Instantly

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing open dissent from members of her coalition government amid predictions that the number of migrants arriving in Germany this year could reach 1.5 million. The new estimate of 1.5 million was leaked to the newspaper Bild.

The secret document said each refugee had a “family factor” of four to eight people, meaning they could be expected to arrange for up to eight relatives to join them once settled in….

The “family factor.” However, like most have noted – poor refugees and “family” consist of strong, young, angry men of various nationalities. The only thing uniting them is Islam.

Source: American Thinker

Imagine: millions of angry, violent Islamists, few of whom speak English, most of whom are uneducated, a large number of whom are unemployable or who won’t want to work, none of whom will ever integrate into our culture, the majority of whom will come “demanding their religion”, and Lord knows how many of whom will inflict destruction and harm.


They are admitted into the United States and as soon as a month later their entire “family” may be imported as well. That is how fast 200,000 aggressors become well over a million and a half. And counting.



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