200 Muslim Fired in Colorado After Walking Off Job Over Prayer Dispute

This entire dispute is over Muslim workers feeling like there was some kind of change to their prayer time. However, according to Mike Martin, a Cargill spokesman, no changes ever took place. So what are they complaining about?

“Cargill plant supervisors have been very clear that such a statement was never made,” Martin told The Daily Caller, adding that Cargill’s policies regarding religious accommodation “have not changed.”

He said that the plant has had a designated “reflection area” since 2009. The area can accommodate a small number of people at one time. Employees typically pray during their 15-minute shift breaks or during their 30-minute lunch period.

But Hussein maintained that the workers believed that the policy regarding prayer had effectively changed.

“To these employees, that is what it is,” Hussein told The Denver Post. “Maybe Cargill never changed its policy, but to these employees, they feel whatever the policy is, or how it is implemented, there was a change put in place.”

Martin maintains that Cargill, which has headquarters in Wichita, Kan., has accommodated its employees as much as possible given its business constraints.

“Cargill makes every reasonable attempt to provide religious accommodation to all employees based on our ability to do so without disruption to our beef processing business at Fort Morgan,” Martin said.

He did add that accommodation is not guaranteed every day and is dependent on a number of work-related factors which can — and do — change from day to day.

But “this has been clearly communicated to all employees,” Martin insisted.

According to Martin, multiple attempts were made to discuss the prayer situation, but a deal was never reached and those employees who participated didn't show up to work the next day.

Source: dailycaller.com



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