Troops Irate Over Islamic Themed Patch

The patch, which also comes in a medal version, features a palm wreath, three stars and crossed scimitars — the trademark short sword with a curved blade that’s widely associated with the Middle East.

“100% Haji style!” is how former Army Capt. Kevin Casas described it, according to

Casas posted his description of the new design on Army Times’ Facebook page, after the Times posted a story about the patch.
The Army began issuing the patch in April to soldiers serving in Operation Inherent Resolve — the official name of President Obama’s semi, perhaps, maybe, could be, possibly, occasional, quasi-war against Islamic State militants.

“Unit insignia is important because it fosters esprit de corps,” Army Col. Steve Warren, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told USA Today.

But there are those who say the patch misses the mark.
“You can keep that ISIS patch featuring swords that chop off our heads,” former Army chief warrant officer David Clay wrote.
Another vet wondered aloud if the new patch was designed with the sea of Iraqi military deserters in mind.

Source: Biz Pac Review

“Will these be issued to Iraqi troops so they can desert again and leave these patches for ISIS?” asked Army veteran Michael Daunais.
A common theme among veterans upset about the design is that it looks eerily similar to the Muslim Brotherhood logo.

Probably fully endorsed by Obama and Hillary — Big fans of the Muslim Brotherhood.




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