Trump Campaign Manager Comments on Promise to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

The election of Donald Trump has been the culmination of one of the most divisive and vicious presidential campaigns in history.  Keep in mind that we are just finishing up eight years of an incredibly divisive administration.  Hence, the country remains deeply divided, partly illustrated by the anti-Trump demonstrations and riots that have broken out across the country.

Mr. Trump spoke forcefully and eloquently of the need to unite the country and heal the divisions during his acceptance speech.  He is correct and needs to focus on that even before he takes office.  It's the right thing to do besides being good politics.

There are things more important to this nation than Hillary Clinton, in spite of what she might think. Especially since all she is now officially is a former senator, former secretary of state, and former first-lady.  Note the copious use of the word “former” — something we find pleasing.

Announcing a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary for multiple felonies on day one of his presidency would thrill many of Trump's supporters, but it would provide an unnecessary and unhelpful diversion from his effort to unite the nation that he claims is a priority.  Hillary's liability to criminal prosecution is not going to go away.  Making her criminality a primary focus right out of the gate is to empower Mr. Trump's detractors.  Let them stew for a time and wonder what he will do.

Once Mr. Trump is in office, has appointed his senior staff and sent his cabinet nominees to the Senate, and has given his first “State of the Union Address,” then he can return to “unfinished business.”  Among other things this would include appointing the special, independent counsel who would be charged with investigating Hillary, Bill, the Clinton Foundation, Huma Abedin, and anyone else the special counsel determined was involved in the allegations of multiple felonies that have been on display before the American people these past many months.

When the time is right, we're confident Mr. Trump will act decisively.



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