18 Hillary/Obama Email Correspondence Withheld From Public Release

While there are no allegations that the emails were at all scandalous, it sheds light on the web of lies Hillary Clinton has spread as Secretary of State, as even the president, who we now know was in direct communication with Clinton through email, didn't find out about her private server until the story broke in the media.

Hillary Clinton has for months fended off attacks from detractors — and even some supporters — that she is a liar, but now more information is proving that the public perception of Hillary Clinton is right on the money.

The State Department said Friday 18 emails exchanged between Hillary Clinton and President Obama – that were sent through Clinton’s private server and did not contain classified information – would not be made public because of the traditional practice of saving presidential communications for the future.

However, that announcement seems to conflict with what the New York Daily News reported last March, when Obama said he discovered Clinton’s use of a personal email server through the media.

“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” he told CBS News.

Someone isn't feeling the truth here, and was likely Clinton. Even to her own boss, the President of the United States, she wouldn't disclose her private email server. If she lies to Obama — a man whose legacy she often says she intends to carry — she'll lie to the rest of us, too… but we already know that.



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