15 Moroccan Teenagers Get Infected with Rabies After Raping a Donkey

15 Moroccan Teenagers Get Infected with Rabies After Raping a Donkey

Morocco World News is looking for people aware of any suspicious donkey business going on. Mothers and women don’t have to worry about keeping their sons or husbands away from lewd girls or certain magazines. Donkeys still roam the hills of Morocco and many a man has been succumbing to the temptation. And to these folks barnyard animals conjure up all the allure and diseases of completely naked feminist women in the West waiting to be raped by all in the public gardens. But don’t tell that to Akmed. There has been a certain donkey catching not just his, but the eye of 15 other village boys in the small rural Moroccan province of Sidi Kaem.

Donkey banging has become something of a public health crisis. With local hospitals working with authorities to educate the public on the dangers of plowing their goats and donkeys. But, keep in mind, they don't mind if folks like a good romp in the hay with their animals. It’s just about incorporating safety.

Local authorities have been alerted and search for find anyone else who has “approached” and “admired” the animal closely, in order to limit the risk of rabies spreading among the inhabitants of the region.

Those dreadful memes making light of barnyard strip clubs in this geographical area are actually very much true. As shocking as it seems to believe boys would prefer the comfort of animals over women, they seem very much to enjoy losing themselves in the dung coated filth that is the liberal emblem of the Democratic party. Exactly how bad would you reckon the rabies/donkey plowing problem to be in this rural village? This and what is happening to these poor donkeys after being raped on the next page:

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