14-year-old’s “White Boy Privilege” Poem Goes Viral

14-year-old’s “White Boy Privilege” Poem Goes Viral

Self-esteem used to be all the rage in public education, now it is self-deprivation if one is white kid.  The guilt-tripping of children that “white privilege” is their fault and they must apologize their fair-skin tone in disgusting.  Basically, white school children must pay for the perceived sins of their white fore-fathers.

Every ethnic group has had evil done to them by the “white race” and it is the child’s fault.  For the thousand years revisionist history, in the minds of these victims, it is the white man who has caused every moral wrong from slavery to colonialism.  American Indians blame white kids, Japanese kids blame white kids and African kids blame white kids, or at least that is part of the brainwashing.

Not only are kids of all skin color are being taught that those of fairer complexion are to blame, but also history lessons are being scrubbed of the incredible things that European culture has given the world from:  “democracy, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Reformation, capitalism and a host of other achievements that have made the world a safer, freer, and more prosperous place.”

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