13-year-old ‘Stranger Things’ Star Declared ‘Sexiest Actress’

Children used to be viewed as precious innocent treasures that needed to be protected. This reflects healthy strong traditional family values. As such,  reverential treatment of children is viewed as taboo among the ‘progressive’ elites seeking to bring about a new world order.

Take a look at the image below.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this poster was crafted in the basement of a depraved Hollywood producer decades ago for his own personal enjoyment. The reality is, it just was released with no thought to the obvious irony of promoting the sexualization of a child in wake of the worst PR nightmare Hollywood has yet to face.

While she is only 13 years old, actress Millie Bobby Brown has become famous for her role in the Netflix hit Stranger Things, and she has also become Hollywood’s latest attempt at normalizing sexual infatuation with children.

Brown was the only child featured in a lineup of 13 actors and actresses who “prove that Television has never been hotter” and “sexier” according to a story from W Magazine.

It is her image shown in the above promotional poster. All the media giants and corporate globalist conglomerates are in cohorts to promote the sexualization of young children. What you saw above was no anomaly.

Brown was also featured on the cover of the Spanish magazine Mujer Hoy, or Woman Today, with the headline “Why We Love Millie.” The magazine featured a series of photos of Brown in “sexy” or suggestive poses.


Today’s “progressive” culture is so brazen, men have no qualms about chiming in on Twitter to claim 13 is not a child, nor too young to be sexualized.

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