13 Jaw-Dropping Clinton Scandals

Hillary Clinton
Former First Lady and failed presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is a master of denial and deflection and, as we'll see in the following pages, she needs to be. Although many of Hillary's scandals are breathtaking in their audacity, most involve complex schemes that are tricky to unravel and explain to a jury, let alone the voting public. Besides strategic layers of complexity to misdirect investigation, Clinton follows the pattern of accomplished career criminals, often distracting investigators from past misdeeds with all-new capers. Clinton and her associates then attempt to pass off earlier accusations, even proven accusations, as “old news,” or “past misunderstandings”.

The “complexity factor” of Clinton's misdeeds usually leads to them being superficially boring to the general public, which further protects her from prosecution. It's not that she isn't at the heart of the wrongdoings, it's that reporters and prosecutors know the public shows more interest in punishing murder, simple robbery, or assault than commodities fraud or witness intimidation.

When you see the following list of Hillary Clinton's nefarious activities, 20 of her top scandals, you'll be amazed that she came so close to being elected President.

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