13 Clinton Scandals Hidden From Us to Keep Hillary Safe

13 Clinton Scandals Hidden From Us to Keep Hillary Safe

Hillary Clinton and her advisers are experts at spinning the news and leveraging media connections to deflect public attention away from her scandals. As we’ll see in this gallery of misdeeds, Mrs. Clinton needs to manage a constant cover-up just to stay ahead of the consequences from past scandalous behavior.

Clinton’s political allies and even those employees subverted within U.S. government administration have covered for Hillary and her family, obstructing legal investigations to assist her. Even the Justice Department seems caught up in the web of corrupt cover-ups protecting the Clintons, failing to comply with subpoenas to produce documents that could implicate Hillary in felonious wrongdoing!

Clinton’s schemes follow the pattern of skillful career criminals, misdirecting public attention and cloaking nefarious deeds as superficially boring.

Brace yourself and see how many of these well-documented, yet well-forgotten Hillary scandals you know. Each one is a powerful reason to be thankful she failed to win the Presidency!

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