More Than 1,200 Hillary Emails Now Deemed as Classified

More Than 1,200 Hillary Emails Now Deemed as Classified

It would seem that Hillary is in hot water, with over 1,200 emails, sent and received, from her private server, while acting as Secretary of State, were deemed classified.  Yet one fears Hillary will not be the one burned, but rather the American public.

The total number, thus far, of classified emails that moved through her unsecured server is now at 1,274.  Of the 5,500 pages of emails, most were “elevated to ‘confidential level', but two in this most recent group of emails were raised to “‘Secret' level, a more sensitive classification” concerning national security issues.

In classic Clinton fashion, Hillary denied that any emails were classified.  She argued that none of them actually said, “classified”, which only made her look like a fool and a liar.  She kept stressing time and again that she did not “send any classified information and that no messages she sent or received were marked classified at the time.”

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