More than 10,000 ObamaCare Enrollments LOST from

More than 10,000 ObamaCare Enrollments LOST from

Almost 15,000 records of Americans attempting to sign up for ObamaCare never made it to insurers, but the government has no idea which ones didn't make it.

The federal analysis merely compares the number of times Obamacare enrollees clicked “enroll” to the number of plans sent to insurers, according to The Washington Post. Consumers who send the vanishing enrollments, or “orphan files,” are not notified that their information has not been processed and an insurer did not receive sensitive financial and health-related data, meaning that they could be in for an unpleasant surprise when the Dec. 23 deadline — the last day for customers to sign up for health insurance — comes and goes.

But government officials insist that less than one percent of enrollments disappeared into cyberspace since early December, even though their data does not include duplicated and erroneous enrollments.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is hurtling toward the failure of the website goal of enrolling 7 million Americans in the first six months. Only 365,000 had signed up by the end of November, presumably not including thousands of signups that the system simply lost.

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Source: DailyCaller


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