1,000 Villagers Storm Dutch Town Hall in Anti-Migrant Protest, We Must “Protect our women”

Allegedly Geert Wilders unintentionally drew attention to things like women being assaulted and amazingly some Dutch villagers responded.

From Zerohedge.com:

In the latest example of how quickly things are spiraling out of control, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders inadvertently incited a violent riot in tiny Heesch where town officials attempted to hold a public meeting to discuss plans to take in 500 refugees in the town over the next ten years.

Hours before the meeting was set to take place, Wilders called for all Islamic male asylum seekers to be locked in their asylum centers in order to “protect our women.” Shortly thereafter, a Facebook page “Protest AZC Heesch” garnered some 3,000 likes and before you knew it, 1,000 angry villagers actually stormed the castle – literally.

If the rest of the world could be as serious than many foolish politicians could be put out of a job and save us all pain, money and anguish.

The people showing up to combat the imported menace are more than a sliver of extremists. They are a broad coalition of regular citizens who do not need to be told their ruling class is trying to destroy all that they hold precocious so that they can earn a few praiseworthy articles in magazines that don't count and build a legacy of euphemistic sophistry that passes for being a “progressive” revolutionary.

The wave of stupid has crested, just like in the late 1970's. Let's hope the west can get as good a ride out of this shadow now as we did then.

Source: Zerohedge.com



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