10 Leftist Lies Supported By Fake News

Bearing false witness is one of the 10 Commandment sins that you’re never supposed to commit.  Yet in politics, the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) has created an entire assembly line of lies that are pieced together carefully and packaged for the masses as if they were a shiny, new car.  Like many new cars today, the outer façade may be distinctly different, but the inside parts of the motor remain exactly the same.

There are far too many instances where the FNIC supports a Leftist ideology that is just flat-out false.  Not surprisingly, many of these false witness statements have been refurbished and repackaged many different times, only to reemerge in the news once again months (or even years) later as a new truth.  Look at Global Warming; how many times has that old story been polished and redistributed?

On the following pages, you’ll find a list of 10 Leftist Lies that have been said over and over, ad nauseam, to the point where people who detest facts, history and research, merely take at face value and run with it.

Turn to the following page to read Leftist Lie #1!




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