Jewish Synagogue Attacked in Paris

France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, with approximately 500,000 citizens.  In comparison, the Muslim population is 10 times greater than that of the Jews, comprising 10% of the population in France.  I

t is no wonder that the Jewish synagogues need military protection, when 6.5 million French citizens are Muslims and there is hate spewed toward the Jews from this segment of the population.

Antisemitism is alive and well in France, with another terrorist attack occurring earlier this week, targeting a Jewish synagogue in the south-east suburbs of Paris.

Bonnueuil-sur-Marne's synagogue is protected by military personnel when there are congregants present.  At some point, while left unguarded,, suspects smeared a non-lethal poison on the electronic lock resulting in fourteen Parisian Jews falling victim to an itchy rash and strong burning in the eyes.

It is believed 25 firemen rushed to the synagogue, where they treated congregants and traced their condition to the daubed lock.

The substance was described as a “nonlethal irritant” and was sent to a police forensic lab for analysis.

The shul, which is under police and military protection when open, is believed to have been targeted when closed with no guard present.

The Jewish community is profoundly outnumbered by the Muslim citizens in France.  They must be ever diligent to keep themselves safe from those who viscerally wish to harm them.

Source: The JC






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