Putin Aims To Unite West Against ISIS

Putin Aims To Unite West Against ISIS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended a hand out to the West, urging Western leaders to put aside their differences with his country and join him in a coalition against ISIS.

Citing the Paris attacks last weekend, the Russian leader said that now was an opportunity for the world to crush the Islamic State once and for all. Stating in a telegram to French President Francois Hollande, Putin argued, “This tragedy is another proof of the barbarian nature of terrorism, which challenges the human civilization. Clearly, for effective fighting this evil, the entire international community should unite their efforts.”

This unexpected overture on Putin's part is even surprising given Russia's recent frosty relations with the U.S. and it's allies, stemming from it's 2014 annexation of Crimea and subsequent behavior in the rest of Ukraine. Today, however, it is waging an air campaign against ISIS in Syria, an effort in which the country has now shown that it would like to cooperate with others.

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