Trump and Hillary Debate Preview: Hillary Gets “Schlonged”

Of all the responses to Trump's comments that claimed Clinton got “schlonged” in 2008, lets start with the expected, the response from Team Clinton:

Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday decided against a frontal attack, with communications director Jennifer Palmieri offering inviting others on Twitter to repudiate Trump’s comments.

But behind the scenes, Team Clinton saw the remarks at a Monday rally as a new low, and some allies predicted they would lead to his demise.
“We are watching the Donald melt down,” predicted Ellen Tauscher, the former congresswoman who served as undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under Clinton.

“His racist, sexist, xenophobic rants are now wearing on people generally,” she said

Yes, of course this is her team's remarks. Remember, this is the woman who says she's different than Obama because she's a woman. This is the woman who calls herself a “political outsider” because she's a woman. This is the woman who wants to make every single issue one about sex, no matter how ridiculous.

In response to Clinton's outrage, many journalists have taken the opportunity to actually back Trump up, saying specifically that getting “schlonged” has nothing to do with sex, and is in fact a very New York way of saying, “You've been beat.”

Backing up Trump’s claim “schlonged” is a common political term was veteran newsman Jeff Greenfield and New York Times political correspondent Alex Burns.

“On further review, Trump is right on this. “I got schlonged” is a commonplace NY way of saying: “I lost big time,” w/out genital reference.” -Jeff Greenfield ‎@greenfield64

“I've heard it for year, -after tennis games, poker games, bad stock bets.I obviously have a classy group of friends.” –Jeff Greenfield ‎@greenfield64

“Moynihan said it all the time. Rockefeller too. “You know, Happy, they really schlonged me on this one.” Really.” -Alex Burns ‎@alexburnsNYT

Regardless of the commonality of the phrase, though, Brietbart once again shows the most straightforward clarity on the comment:

Schlong, of course, is Yiddish for penis. So she got reamed. Or screwed. Or any other plethora of English-language equivalents.

But no, Trump’s vulgarity is suddenly the talk of the town. Not Hillary’s lies about Trump appearing ISIS promotional videos. The fact that Hillary Clinton must face down that awful sexist New Yorker who made a foreign-language reference to a penis.

Well, bring forth the fainting couch.

Their title, however, sums it up best. If you actually care, “You're a dumb schmuck.”

Sources: The Hill, Daily CallerBreitbart

Trump refuses to apologize, of course:



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