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World War III Has Begun

World War III Has Begun

The rumors of wars has certainly begun as we have more and more political figures either stating WW3 is just around the corner or is already here.

Has World War III already begun? WWI began with an assassination, WWII began with Hitler’s invasion of Poland. But WWIII could certainly start differently.

As conservative talk show host Glenn Beck stated this month, WW3 is on the horizon and “nobody will recognize it yet.”

Let’s look at a few of the prominent figures that warn us of WW3….


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  1. Ethel Walton
    Ethel Walton February 27, 21:18

    Here it comes get your ready

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  2. Ethel Walton
    Ethel Walton February 27, 21:20

    Here the come grt you guns ready god help us amen

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  3. Leah Dreiss Bridges
    Leah Dreiss Bridges February 27, 22:24

    We know who wins in the end, so.. Worry about nothing and pray about everything!!

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  4. Brian Chesnut
    Brian Chesnut February 27, 22:31

    Nuke the middle east, problem solved!!

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  5. Connie White
    Connie White February 27, 23:59

    A leader in Russia said many decades ago they would walk in take over America without firing a single shot! Now I think about that statement.

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  6. Michael Lee Mosby
    Michael Lee Mosby February 28, 01:23

    This post had my interest until I saw the name Glen Beck!

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  7. Laura Schroeder
    Laura Schroeder February 28, 03:55

    Here is the future of the United States of America if Rubio or Cruz become President :Here is the future of the United States of America if Rubio or Cruz become President :If you believe that Cruz did everything he said he would and you still support him, you are dumber than a stump. Here is what Cruz and Rubio’s agenda.

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  8. Kenneth Martin
    Kenneth Martin February 28, 10:11

    good blow up the whole world, you stupid greedy MFs

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  9. Todd Hedgers
    Todd Hedgers February 28, 15:06

    Well let’s get to it

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  10. James Deskins Jr
    James Deskins Jr February 28, 17:35

    Actually Muhammad declared war on all non Muslims hundreds of years ago.

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