World Bank Whistleblower: How The Global Elite Rule The World

World Bank Whistleblower: How The Global Elite Rule The World

Karen Hudes worked in the legal department as Senior Counsel of the World Bank for more than 20 years until she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption at the highest levels.

According to Hudes, financial institutions and mega-corporations are used to dominate the planet using debt as chains on governments and controlling politicians through financial contributions.

“The corporate press is owned by one mega-conglomerate, all of the financial institutions of the world, just about, are part of this scheme to rip off everybody, every single citizen on this planet.” states Hudes.

“If the public doesn’t know what’s going on then you don’t have a democracy,” she continued.

If this grand scheme is actually the ultimate reality, then our enemy is not just the communist elements within our government.

Many would balk at this idea as it appears to offer no immediate target and therefore no immediate relief as there is no certain ‘face of evil’ to base all frustrations and fears upon. However, truth is truth, and if we do not first discover what that the ultimate truth is, what the ultimate source of our oppression is, then there can be no hope of a reversal as we will not be fighting on the real battlefield.




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