Wayne Allen Root Warns: Liberal Women Will Lorena-Bobbitt You!

Wayne Allyn Root’s claim to fame is that he was a classmate of Barack Obama back in Columbia University.  And while he was a classmate, he will never hesitate to remind everyone that he actually didn’t know Barack Obama because “the guy was never in class.”

Recently, in a very spirited rant about dating and the way things happen to be in the current world of Political Correctness and Identity Politics, Root went off on Liberal cat-owner women who lure unsuspecting Conservative men into their homes and attempt to do one of two things:  convert them to Liberalism or pull a “Lorena Bobbitt!”

“Find me a woman who is a feminist and a liberal and likes cats and I will find you someone who ought to be in an insane asylum every single time,” Root bellowed. “Hey guys, if any of you out there are single and you ever meet a woman who admits to being a liberal and hating Trump and when you get to her house, she’s got cats, run for your life. Run, run, run. Like those ads in Britain, run and hide and tell other men to run and hide.”

“No man can ever live with a liberal woman with cats,” he continued. “She’ll cut your pee-pee off, I promise you. Liberals are mentally unstable and mentally insane. They’re unhinged.”

I know it sounds crazy (and it is) but this guy is on to something. I don’t know about the “ads in Britain” that he’s referring to, but I do know about a Time Magazine poll that pointed out that Liberals tend to be cat-people and Conservatives dog-people. While there is no definitive study on why Conservatives tend to adopt more dogs and Liberals more cats, the conjecture is that because more Conservatives live in wide-open spaces in rural areas or outer suburban regions, they like having dogs because the animals can run and have a good time. While most Liberals live in tightly constricted cities and are less likely to have a lease that allows dogs than cats.

The fact that more Liberals live in cities to me explains why so many of them are so damned miserable, too. Does it also translate, though, that dog people tend more toward a happier countenance, as opposed to cat-people who are more insane? Well, obviously if you’re a Root supporter, you can see that insanity appears to actually cross political lines.

That being said, I do tend to agree with the whole, “If you know she’s a Liberal Trump-hater, run for your life!” attitude. For one, she’ll probably force you to trade in your Pyrenees Mountain Dog for a teacup Chihuahua that only understands Spanish commands!

P.S. If you’re looking to go to the source material (just a heads-up, not worth it) of Rightwing Watch, I have not linked it because of an insidious and annoying pop-up that will continually warn you that the website wants your email and password information and is reported to be from RESTRICTED and doesn’t quit. With a name like “Right Wing Watch” you can kind of feel the Big Brother Orwellian worm creeping up your arm beneath your skin, can’t you? Leave it to the Leftists to find another way to insinuate themselves into your life. Fair warning that the box will show up every minute. Suffice it to say that Truth and Action took the bullet for you. You can now go about your normal business.

Source: Right Wing Watch



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