Virulent Strain of Bacterial Infection Spreads from Wisconsin to Illinois

On the bright side, state and federal medical personnel have been able to identify the symptoms of the infection. Further research still needs to be done to contain Elizabethkingia, but the relevant authorities are working to make sure of just that:

“Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, chills and bacterial skin infection, and the infection is resistant to antibiotics. Most of the individuals who have died in the Wisconsin outbreak were older than 65 and all had an underlying illness.

Cencula died on March 29, and officials confirmed the Elizabethkingia infection on Tuesday, the Grayslake Patch reported. She was a resident of Lake Villa, Illinois, who formerly worked as a model in New York and Hollywood.

‘Illinois is working closely with the CDC and Wisconsin and Michigan health officials to investigate this outbreak and develop ways to prevent additional infections,’ Shah said, according to Patch. ‘IDPH will continue to coordinate with hospitals and health care providers to quickly identify and report cases of Elizabethkingia.’

On Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced the approval of the addition of nine project positions to assist in the response and investigation into the Elizabethkingia bacteria.”

Source: Newsmax



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