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Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

Veterans are being arrested by Secret Service for making anti-Obama Facebook posts, sometimes the very next day after creating a post – a practice which has been going on for quite some time.

All the while, our police force is being militarized at an alarming rate, with veterans being cited as one reason why. This is revealed in a statement made last month by  Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County, Ind. Sheriff’s Department, he stated “The weaponry is totally different now that it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.”


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  1. Mike Bucz
    Mike Bucz January 20, 05:24

    I agree with you completely. I have no military background myself but I would imagine with the proper vets leading the way, some good strategy, motivation, a high volume of people and a hope the military wouldn’t actually attack their own people even if they where ordered to and the people might have a chance to rise up like I see us needing to in the near future.

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  2. Mike Bucz
    Mike Bucz January 20, 05:32

    I’m also thinking that the last time the US won a war it was 1945.

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  3. Howard Parker
    Howard Parker January 20, 05:43

    And it’s amazing how Ted Nugent hasn’t been locked up. If you are going to threaten the US or politicians, expect to be hauled in to find out how big the threat is.

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  4. Jimmy Hayes
    Jimmy Hayes January 20, 06:34

    That is sorrow .

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  5. Anne Francis
    Anne Francis January 20, 07:06

    They’re not coming – they’re here.

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  6. Paul Ripp
    Paul Ripp January 20, 10:49

    Guess obama is scared of people knowing the truth so trys to shut up people who know things.

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  7. Michael Wild
    Michael Wild January 20, 11:02

    Tell it to Palin

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  8. Michael Wild
    Michael Wild January 20, 11:03

    Sure mr dick dynasty. The story is fake and so is your duck family

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  9. Thomas Darkvane
    Thomas Darkvane January 20, 11:26

    You are the one that is fake Michael.

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  10. Randy Toler
    Randy Toler January 20, 11:42

    Thomas it isn’t very hard to find out. All you have to do is Goggle it.

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  11. Anne Pack Seay
    Anne Pack Seay January 20, 12:38

    Bush was criticized all the time, but nobody got arrested uh>?>

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  12. Anne Pack Seay
    Anne Pack Seay January 20, 12:41

    I call BS to~~ Dems hate the military.

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  13. Dave Christensen
    Dave Christensen January 20, 12:42

    The audio SUCKS!

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  14. Dave Christensen
    Dave Christensen January 20, 12:45

    Michael is an Obama lap dog. Stupid and does just what Obama tells him to do. No mind of his own. Liberal c**p.

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  15. Anne Pack Seay
    Anne Pack Seay January 20, 12:45

    How long did you serve Stanley???

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  16. Randy Toler
    Randy Toler January 20, 12:53

    As a career military guy and Democrat I can tell you we don’t hate the military. Also the president doesn’t fire anyone in the military. Because of the military being mostly young people over half are Democrat.

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  17. Robert Towner
    Robert Towner January 20, 14:30

    kinda funny, they train us in all this stuff and then think we just ought to forget it once we get out. Especially the oath we took!

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  18. Larry Shicks
    Larry Shicks January 20, 15:56

    If what you believe cannot be scutinized it isn’t worth believing…the same goes for your associations

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  19. Bill Sprague
    Bill Sprague January 20, 16:33

    Come on down!

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  20. Benjamin Clark Hayes
    Benjamin Clark Hayes January 20, 16:34

    the people that this gov is really afraid of

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  21. Jason Graven
    Jason Graven January 20, 16:46

    Are you people really this foolish? If they were going to arrest someone for making anti-obama Facebook posts do you really think the people who run this site wouldn’t be behind bars? Or how about all of you making anti-obama comments? Seriously people, go back to reading your national enquirers

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  22. Papito Magicman Garcia
    Papito Magicman Garcia January 20, 17:37

    Michael wild for you yall

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  23. Jim Garrou
    Jim Garrou January 20, 19:10

    I suppose then, this veteran is going to jail…

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  24. Michael D Henry Sr.
    Michael D Henry Sr. January 20, 19:24

    big brother in action

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  25. Janice L Johnson
    Janice L Johnson January 20, 19:25

    where is free speech here?

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  26. Robert Southard
    Robert Southard January 20, 19:32

    I’m a retired Army veteran who served 22 years on active duty. So here is my two cents worth. Obama is a worst president in American history. I think he is a domestic enemy of the Constitution and American government. He should slip and fall when exiting off of Air Force One and break his neck. Take Biden with him too. I wish Harry Reid would have a stroke ever become permanently disabled. Wouldn’t hurt to have Sen. Boxer, Sen. Pelosi, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and all the other Marxists that are up there in Congress and the government both Republicans and Democrats and get rid of them too.

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  27. Tim Allen
    Tim Allen January 20, 20:11

    I’m not former Military..but I dare the morons in the secret service willing to kneel to obama to come get me!! I respect those that serv…not the monkeys willing to follow obummers illegal orders!

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    • MocRobb
      MocRobb January 27, 21:09

      Thank you to all that have served our nation, it makes me sick to see what you and your comrades have fought for being spit on on by this treasonist muslim.

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  28. Thomas E. Dwyer
    Thomas E. Dwyer January 20, 20:21

    I am a retired Air Force veteran with 21 years of service to this great country. However, I am appalled when my Government classifies veterans that have served and protected the freedoms of this country. And it pisses me off when we have a President that hates the military but loves the Radical Islamist.

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  29. Kevin Hamilton
    Kevin Hamilton January 20, 20:39

    This is straight out BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  30. Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers January 21, 01:54

    wow the load of c**p in this post is amazing, obama has done more to hurt the military than any other president.

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    • MocRobb
      MocRobb January 27, 21:13

      Thank you to all that have served our nation, it makes me sick to see what you and your comrades have fought for being spit on on by this treasonist muslim. Obama has hurt our military more than any enemy we have faced.

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  31. Gary Mccellon
    Gary Mccellon January 21, 05:00

    As long as he did not say he would hurt him there is no reason for that

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  32. James David Simz
    James David Simz February 07, 19:26

    I second the notion. Is the weather warm there

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  33. Robert Southard
    Robert Southard February 07, 20:11

    Today it was 55+ two weeks ago it way -15.

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  34. D
    D December 27, 15:02

    Porch monkey!

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