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Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

  • Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

    Veterans are being arrested by Secret Service for making anti-Obama Facebook posts, sometimes the very next day after creating a post – a practice which has been going on for quite some time.

    All the while, our police force is being militarized at an alarming rate, with veterans being cited as one reason why. This is revealed in a statement made last month by  Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County, Ind. Sheriff’s Department, he stated “The weaponry is totally different now that it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.”


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    1. Eric-Jacob Berumen
      Eric-Jacob Berumen December 18, 19:12

      Thanks Greg

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    2. Chris Keiser
      Chris Keiser December 18, 19:15

      I would just like to say that anyone who accepts this c**p without figuring out if it is remotely true needs to look into themselves or God and figure out why. I am no blind democrat but I also won’t just blindly support sh$& like this that is totally false.

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    3. Greg D Leach
      Greg D Leach December 18, 19:15

      Your lack of faith causes you to cause falshood and that I see clear as day.

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    4. Greg D Leach
      Greg D Leach December 18, 19:19

      I can’t deal with that lack of vision. No problem and thank you.

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    5. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:21

      Oh look a troll fishing..

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    6. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:21

      still a troll mike !

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    7. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:22

      Look is mike the troll !!

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    8. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:22

      Hey its mike the troll…havent seen you in awhile !

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    9. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:23

      Mike the pathetic troll !

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    10. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:24

      Butt mike the troll is real….butt mike lmao !!!

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    11. Chad Copeland
      Chad Copeland December 18, 20:26

      go home mike the troll your drunk !

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    12. Alan Miltich
      Alan Miltich December 18, 22:18

      They didn’t arrest people when they threatened GW

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    13. D W Des Voigne
      D W Des Voigne December 18, 23:46

      If Veterans pose a threat, then we need a new ‘government.’ This BS is getting out of hand, if they are so afraid of vets, then what are they planning? Additionally, what about it makes them so sure it will have the American people shooting at them?

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    14. D W Des Voigne
      D W Des Voigne December 18, 23:50

      Steven Brantl, I think that was The Declaration of Independence. However, I agree with you that the principle applies but we have a peaceful means to do just that, it is called a recall election. Impeachments have been 100% unsuccessful, but recall elections have succeeded the vast majority of the time in removing problem politicians.

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    15. D W Des Voigne
      D W Des Voigne December 18, 23:57

      Daniel, why is it when people want to detract from and confuse an issue, they resort to calling people ‘Conspiracy nuts’, just like you did? @ Mike Maher a tyrant is any person in government who uses that position to oppress other people, or aggrandize their own power, in excess, through means of that position. Despotism is using a government position for personal profit. Did you know trolls eat their own feces?

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    16. Joann Cowart
      Joann Cowart December 19, 01:19

      “Of course, strategically it makes sense that in any such war, the first targets would be those who can defeat local law enforcement, organize others into field-ready teams … ”

      Riiiiight, “those who can build IEDs, and defeat law enforcement …” LIKE DRUG DEALERS AND ILLEGALS? Like ISIS members being smuggled over the border? Like gang bangers and drug cartel kingpins? Oh, no, only our own soldiers and veterans are considered a threat.

      Actually, the only reason anyone needs to fear vets, is IF they are TRYING TO TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS. Then, of course, our vets and soldiers WILL defend US AND OUR CONSTITUTION, as they HAVE SWORN to do. Its pretty simple really. Follow the CONSTITUTION, Sheriff, and you will have NO TROUBLE from our soldiers.

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    17. Ronnie Willard Allen
      Ronnie Willard Allen December 19, 01:28

      Link doesn’t work

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    18. John P Wheelus
      John P Wheelus December 19, 05:12

      @MIKE MAHER, you are the idiot, a concerned Vet!!!

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    19. Ernie Lurker
      Ernie Lurker December 19, 05:40


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    20. Terry Weller
      Terry Weller December 19, 05:59

      There is not enough jail space for all of us.

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    21. Dianne Bradham
      Dianne Bradham December 19, 06:25

      If this is true the gov has more to worry about than just vets there are a lot of free people out here that would stand with them ( vets) and we know how to arm ourselfs America was built on the common man with arms so if they are afraid than they need to change what is pissing off so many true Americans no matter our color or belief when pushed to far true America will stand tall and Isis or any one who stands in the way should or will die ! I’m a born American and Christian and can handle a fire arm and so can all my children and most everyone I know but I love this country and all it stands for but this pres we have is so wrong we need to vote vote and take back our America God bless our Armed Forces this season and everyday they r the ones that but their lives out there for u and me so I call bs on this story GOD BLESS AMERCA

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    22. Patrick Andelmo
      Patrick Andelmo December 19, 07:28

      We must do what we have to do for freedom

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    23. Chris Coffey
      Chris Coffey December 19, 07:29

      I hope it is OVERWHELMING BOYCOTT of Subway and they go out of business! I started boycotting them when I saw Mooshell endorsed them…..and now this! TRAITORS!

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    24. Ragina Kakos
      Ragina Kakos December 19, 07:38

      Obama already took that.

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    25. Dock C Brown
      Dock C Brown December 19, 09:31

      Because of freedom of speech we can say what we want but it’s also a criminal offense to threaten any President of the United States

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    26. Kyle Kirby
      Kyle Kirby December 19, 09:32

      Guess we can’t speak freely in America..

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    27. Pamela Warwick
      Pamela Warwick December 19, 11:00


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    28. Ohio Intel
      Ohio Intel December 19, 11:04

      There’s no truth in this

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    29. Laurence Duane Cooper
      Laurence Duane Cooper December 19, 11:57

      Who didn’t see this coming? If the country set ascends are afraid of the government perhaps they need a new government.oh no, did I just say that? I mean, we being a veteran and all.
      Is the secret police going to be knocking on my door now?

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    30. Don Benton
      Don Benton December 19, 12:41

      Obamas the one that should be arrested

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    31. Jamie Popp
      Jamie Popp December 19, 12:47

      Serve our country and put our lives on the line, not because we have to but because we wanted to. Now we are being arrested for speaking our mind on leadership issues and put on terrorist watch lists. Are you sure we are not living in Russia?

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    32. Joe Weise
      Joe Weise December 19, 13:33

      Funny I say what I want to do what I want all the time and I haven’t been arrested yet

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    33. Michael Morton
      Michael Morton December 19, 14:16

      Remember his “Stop the Smears” website in that creepy red and black, where he was using snitches for collecting data on people hostile to him? It crashed and burned due to overload.

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    34. William Kent
      William Kent December 19, 14:20

      I’m anti obomi, come on down and try your luck with me

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    35. Ron Hansen
      Ron Hansen December 19, 14:29

      These are lies.

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