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Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

Veterans Arrested For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts – Police Militarized For Veterans

Veterans are being arrested by Secret Service for making anti-Obama Facebook posts, sometimes the very next day after creating a post – a practice which has been going on for quite some time.

All the while, our police force is being militarized at an alarming rate, with veterans being cited as one reason why. This is revealed in a statement made last month by  Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County, Ind. Sheriff’s Department, he stated “The weaponry is totally different now that it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.”


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  1. Ross Elder
    Ross Elder July 30, 14:45

    Raub wasn’t arrested for anti-Obama posts. That’s the first thing….

    And he likes getting underage girls drunk and then having sex with them. You should choose your outrage more carefully. Until then, you just keep on supporting a pervert. It’s good for your image.

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  2. Jake Smith
    Jake Smith July 31, 13:53

    F’ em’ all. Who cares. First amendment

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  3. Joseph Mendez
    Joseph Mendez July 31, 14:44

    What was the link about my phone is acting up and don’t let me read the link.

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  4. Michael Schintz
    Michael Schintz August 02, 13:47

    We can go off and fight for the first amendment rights, rights that are abused by groups like the westboro baptist members to picket service members funerals but we cant use the right. Interesting …

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  5. Jordan Sutton
    Jordan Sutton August 03, 09:39

    Good for you!

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  6. Scrap Master
    Scrap Master August 03, 15:53

    Hmm. What did they write. I wanna try

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  7. Dan Downard
    Dan Downard August 04, 04:53


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  8. Nicholas Chavez
    Nicholas Chavez August 04, 15:17

    No individual incidents reported, no citation, one sentence of an article about the topic for which the headline is attributed. This article is a mess and very suspect.

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  9. Stephen Swift
    Stephen Swift August 05, 11:35


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  10. D
    D December 27, 15:02

    Porch monkey!

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