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Utah Sheriff Warns BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone And Arrest all Federal Agents”

Utah Sheriff Warns BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone And Arrest all Federal Agents”

The movement against the BLM and Forestry Service western lands takeover continues to build, with the aftermath of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge demonstration and the cold blooded murder of rancher of LaVoy Finicum by federal agents serving as a rallying point for those who believe the federal government has grown too big and powerful, particularly in the western states.

The compliant media has circled the wagons to declare the demonstrators were radical, right wing constitutionalists, as if the U.S. Constitution can be protected and promoted too much.

Somehow those who dismiss the ranchers and their supporters in the western states can’t see that the government, which “owns” over 50 percent of the land in eleven western states, is much more interested in power and control, and much more committed to radical environmentalists than to farmers and ranchers trying to make a living on the land that, like as not, has been a family pursuit and way of life for generations.

To put a finer point on the issue, mere weeks after the Malheur protesters were arrested and the refuge cleared, President Obama declared three more parcels of land in California as federal land, with little or no future access granted to mere citizens of the state. And by parcels, I mean almost 2 million acres that are now set aside as an offering to the Sierra Club and their ilk, with no compensation offered to California for the taking.

Federal government supporters are painting protesters as lawless cowboys, ignoring the fact that the Constitution prohibits the federal government from owning more than a ten square mile plot in Washington D.C., and areas for forts and military installations that require state approval to acquire.

Sheriff fights back in video, page 2:

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  1. Penny L
    Penny L July 25, 13:29

    As much as I would like a peaceful solution I think most people realize that peace doesn’t work when it comes to battling a government that has become tyrannical. Let’s hope there’s enough people to who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough.

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  2. Nick Fadala
    Nick Fadala July 26, 08:10

    Stand with the people,thanks

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  3. Kenya Collins
    Kenya Collins July 26, 21:11

    Everyone here is so freaking stupid. Talking about making land. really????… A little history lesson: You stole this land after you massacred many many Indians. The ones that weren’t massacred were put on a boat and taken to Jamaica and such places like that so they could work the sugarcane fields . Black lives matter is not a terrorist organization. It is a group of people ( both black and white) standing up against a system that is broken . A lot of people blame the media but the truth is cops shooting black people has been happening for years now, but now we have cell phones that can take video live and we can see what actually happens .., Things like policeman shooting people in the back a while they’re lying on the floor . Policemen ignoring the pleas of a man who’s telling you that he cannot breathe. Policemen who do not know how to handle those who are mentally ill and so they use their stunguns and those mentally ill patients end up being dead 24 hours later . Policemen who go to trial but never seen to be convicted. Don’t get me wrong it’s just a few bad apples in the bunch I know that. Bad apples in the protesters, and Bad apples in the police force . In all truth I respect policemen and you couldn’t pay me enough to do the job that they do couldn’t pay me enough to take the risk that they take but I think sometimes having that power that authority over certain people can bring out the worst in folks.

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  4. Har Fos
    Har Fos July 28, 11:35

    Now that is how to shut up Obama …….

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