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US Law Enforcement Survey: ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Is Top Domestic Terrorist Threat

US Law Enforcement Survey: ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Is Top Domestic Terrorist Threat

A recent survey of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, entitled “Understanding Law Enforcement Intelligence Processes,” reveals that the sovereign citizen is considered the top domestic terror threat by those that ‘protect us’ – above Islamist extremists and militia/patriot groups who round out the top 3 respectively.

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  1. Steve Stroehlein
    Steve Stroehlein August 12, 19:24

    This P.O.S. so called POTUS is the greatest threat to this country!!!

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  2. David Elizalda
    David Elizalda August 12, 19:57

    True Americans cannot allow themselves to buy into the propaganda dialogue of this Socialist Adm. Don’t let them make us get crazy. They are not the voice of reason and common sense. Stand-up/Stand-firm. Be Strong!!!

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  3. Dale Means
    Dale Means August 12, 20:11

    Yeah, against Demorats.

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  4. Marilyn Smith
    Marilyn Smith August 12, 20:33

    Out patriot groups know and understand our cons$#%&!@*ution better than most law enforcement officers.
    Our nation is at a sad time in history when a legal citizen is considered a threat jus for claiming and defending his or her Cons$#%&!@*utional Rights!

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  5. David Wayne Ray
    David Wayne Ray August 13, 14:17

    Another lie to cover up there own stupid useless minds. Some people have nothing better to do than to be a professional Idot.

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  6. Melody Essex
    Melody Essex August 14, 18:40

    @[100001048405469:2048:Leticia Manzy]

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  7. Gail Justinger
    Gail Justinger September 12, 20:00

    I’d like to know where they are getting this info. I have heard of no conservatives or right wingers attacking anyone. Sounds like propaganda to me. Germans went along with $#%&!@*’s demonizing of Jews we saw what happened to them. This $#%&!@* swore an oath to the cons$#%&!@*ution but it sounds like he’s swore an allegiance to furor Obama.

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