UN Vaccines Sterilize 500,000 Women in Kenya

Even vaccines touted as being “safe and proven” can be very deadly to your quality of life.  Just ask the mourning women and children in Kenya depraved of their ability to become mothers at the hands of a covert forced sterilization program.

Less than a year after the United Nations unveiled a sweeping population-control plot aimed at reducing the number of people in Kenya, a supposed UN “vaccine program” is under fire by doctors and Catholic bishops for deliberately sterilizing millions of women. The explosive revelations were released after medical researchers and the Catholic Church found a sterilization agent in tetanus inoculations being foisted on Kenyan women by two UN agencies in cooperation with the national government. Incredibly, it is not the first time that international vaccine campaigns by the UN targeting Third World populations have been exposed as covert sterilization and eugenics programs. Some critics have even referred to the latest plot as race-based genocide.

In a statement released last week by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the medical organization said it had ordered laboratory tests of tetanus vaccines being administered in Kenya by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “The unfortunate truth is that the vaccine was laced with [sterilizing agent Human Chorionic Gonadotropin] HCG just like the one used in the South American cases,” Dr. Wahome Ngare said in a statement for the Catholic doctors group that helped expose the scheme after the test results came back positive. “Further, none of the girls and women given the vaccination were informed of its contraceptive effect.”

But Bill and Melinda Gates, along with all of their other globalist friends and big money conglomerate pals can’t understand why this makes people upset.

Melinda Gates was asked about these vaccinations in Kenya at the 4th annual Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen Denmark.

The Gates Foundation is very passionate about vaccination such as for Polio and the current malaria vaccine candidate (vaccine known as RTS,S is being developed by PATH). However, vaccination drives in Kenya even the recent one this week on measles and rubella as well as for tetanus, face opposition especially from the Catholic Church over concerns that the tetanus vaccines can cause infertility in women. As a Catholic mother what are your thoughts on this?

I vaccinate my own children. I couldn’t advocate more strongly to vaccinate your child (laughs). They are 100 per cent safe, they are quality tested around the world and are used by women and men around the world. They save lives.

Anybody that says something against that is just false and that makes me angry (laughing).

(Lifts her left index finger) I am catholic and I absolutely vaccinate my children and I recommend every parent around the world to. Vaccination is a very different thing from contraceptives and vaccines should be done for every child.

There is no moral reason not to do it. In fact, there is a moral imperative to do it, if you are a parent you want all good things for your children, you want them to grow up safe.

Mrs. Gates thinks it is “immoral” for women and children to not want to receive vaccinations laced with sterilization drugs. That doesn’t seem good. It is scary how open and confident the ruling economic elite feel about deciding who can and who can’t “morally” have babies.

What is even more revolting is the fact our American tax dollars might have gone to help fund their diabolical depopulation scheme.

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