Sondland Testifies Trump Guilty…of NOT Wanting Quid Pro Quo?

Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, was able to show today why he was the “star witness” of the Democrats for this afternoon, as he followed through with anticipated attacks on the Trump administration officials that appeared to agree with Schiff assurances that this White House had committed the crime of bribery.

Sondland implicated the vice president’s staff as well as the secretary of state. His characterization of the cabinet-level push to ensure that military aid to Ukraine was conditioned on this investigation into the Bidens was repeated in different ways to Democrat questioners, but suddenly, when it came time for the Republican House members to question the ambassador, stories began to change.

Fox News Channel:

…Sondland testified: “I never heard from President Trump that aid was conditioned on an announcement” of investigations. He said he never personally heard Trump discuss preconditions. And at one point, he confirmed Trump told him, “I want nothing.”

Taken in their entirety, Sondland’s statements Wednesday are likely to fuel the narratives of both parties. He was seen as a wild card going into the hearing, given he has offered testimony that conflicted with others’ and recently amended his statements to acknowledge he did talk to Ukraine about investigations after initially indicating otherwise.

Both Vice President Mike Pence’s office and the staff of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s office have denied any such conversations with the ambassador. Additionally, there appeared to be a particularly heavy emphasis by Sondland on the presence of Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in the push to uncover corruption in Ukraine.

The Deep State house of cards continues to wither and crumble and it’s certainly noteworthy that many of the same unelected bureaucratic officials who fully supported Barack Hussein Obama are unwilling to concede the point that perhaps President Trump had every right, Constitutionally, to demand we know exactly what happened in Ukraine in 2016.

Source: Fox News Channel


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