REPORT: How the Clinton Foundation Smuggled Uranium into Iran

Perhaps, there is another element to this uranium sale as well.  Who was granted money by the Russians after the sale?  The Clintons through their Foundation.  Why was this not disclosed during their annual assessments while she was running for president?

Who else granted money to the Clinton Family Foundation?  Islamic leaders did!  In the tens of millions!  $32M from the Prince of Bahrain alone!

The Russians who have been instrumental in supporting Iran throughout this whole process of getting them back into good standing at the United Nations, have also been supplying them with massive amounts of “heavy water.”  Heavy water is a term for water that is rich in a material called deuterium.  This mineral compound allows such water to be used in the operation of nuclear power plants that use natural uranium because there is less of a chance for radiological and dust explosion accidents because they don’t require the use of graphite moderators.

In bed with the enemy…

That’s a lot of physics language that basically boils down to the fact that “heavy water” is better for nuclear power because it is safer.

Now, of course, we come to the final (for the moment) bombshell.  And that is the announcement just recently that Russia is going to be building…yes, constructing…the Iranian nuclear power plants!

Turn to the final page to read about the culmination of a very long process in which the entire Obama administration was complicit in setting up Iran to become a nuclear power in the world:

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