Rep Cory Booker: Would Be Treason to Release the Memo

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) might be one of the louder members on the Left screaming “treason” all day long about President Donald John Trump. But that doesn’t mean he actually understands the meaning of the word “treasonous”.

Take the ‘Nunes memo’ for example, Rep Schiff (D-CA) thinks you can’t understand it, whereas Sen. Booker speculates that it might be akin to treason!

Tuesday on On SiriusXM’s “Make It Plain with Mark Thompson,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said it could be “treasonous” to release the memo the House Intelligence Committee voted to release on Monday.

Booker said, “This fury and fire that has been created within the right around this, is to me tantamount to a dangerous conspiracy theory that can undermine the important work our Justice Department and intelligence communities do.”

He continued, “Well obstructive, I might say tantamount to treasonous in the sense of  when you violate the intelligence community’s mandates around classified documentation, what should be released, you could be betraying or, especially if you’re revealing sources and methods or giving some color to sources and methods, you are actually endangering fellow Americans in the intelligence community and our ability to source intelligence. So, to me, this is something that could be potentially viewed as treasonous.”

Sen. Booker is correct in that the intelligence community is VERY unhappy that American citizens will now learn more about how the “surveillance state.” But common sense should tell you this is all the more reason we ought to see such documents.

Yes, it could cause mild rioting or at the very least an upheaval of the world wide web.

But is that not what President Trump was elected to do? Expose the Deep State? Drain the Swamp?

Serve the interests of the American people NOT corrupt government bureaucracies?!

Here is the video of Cory Booker calling out the ‘deplorables’ insatiable thirst to commit “treason”…

Source: Breitbart 


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